Keeping Beauty Simple Services

Keeping Beauty Simple has been established for over 11 years, it is run from the comfort of my own home in Bracknell; this enables me to give my clients a personal, private and highly professional service.


Keeping Beauty Simple offer the following treatments.

Eyelash Extensions

Natural Classic Full Set – £48.00

In-fills/Maintenance – 2 weeks – £28.00

In-fills/Maintenance  – 3 weeks – £38.00

In-fills/Maintenance – 4 weeks – New set required


Russian Volume 3/4 D Full Set – £53

In-fills/Maintenance – 2 weeks – £33

In-fills/Maintenance – 3 weeks – £43

In-fills/Maintenance – 4 weeks – New set required


Removal of Lash Extensions (Existing Client)  – £15.00
Removal of extensions is complimentary if having a new set applied 

at the same appointment.

Removal of Lash Extensions (New Client)  – from £20.00
We cannot be held responsible for the condition of your natural

lashes once removed.

It is paramount that all clients have a realistic expectation before the commencement of any lash treatment.  Although skilled at what I do, we can only work from a platform of natural lashes and cannot create something out of nothing.

If you are a client that desires a ‘strip lash’ look, then eyelash extensions may not be for you.  Although full looking sets can be created, a strip lash is an unrealistic look to achieve from the treatment of eyelash extensions.

New clients will be invited to have a mandatory patch-test and consultation prior to their lash treatment. This appointment takes approximately 20 minutes and also requires the completion of a consultation form and a few extensions applied to your natural lashes.

Please arrive to your patch test appointment wearing no eye makeup if possible, otherwise it will need to be removed prior to your patch test and will need to allow for a longer appointment.

At your patch test we require a £20 non refundable booking fee to secure your appointment. THIS BOOKING FEE WILL BE USED AGAINST YOUR APPOINTMENT COST SO THAT YOU ONLY PAY THE REMAINING BALANCE. This will only be refunded if your patch test shows a reaction within 24 hours. IF YOU ARE A NO, SHOW NO REFUND!

Classic eyelash extensions are the application of one extension applied to one suitable natural lash. The end result will always vary from client to client, therefore you must always have realistic expectations as to the result that can be achieved on your natural lashes.

If you have a good amount of natural lashes, then you will achieve a fuller look than a client with few or sparse natural lashes. The aim is to apply as many extensions as is safe to every suitable natural lash. I never count the amount of lashes applied, I just attempt to give you the fullest look I can – if desired by the client.

The approximate amount of time required for your appointment is 2 – 2.5 hours. Contact lenses MUST be removed prior to appointment.

If clients wish to maintain their extensions, then they must return within 2 – 3 weeks for an infill. Clients are expected to return to their infill appointment with 40-50% of the set remaining for it to be classed as an infill. Clients MUST return for their infills with clean extensions, otherwise a full removal may be required and a new set applied.

You will be given a free spoolie brush to keep your lashes looking good on completion of your first full set of extensions. A soft brush and cleanser is also available to purchase in the salon to enable you to keep your eyeline and lashes clean.


My reasons for not lashing pregnant ladies!

What is anaphylaxis? It is a severe allergic reaction, caused by the release of allergic chemicals, histamine. It is defined as a serious, systemic, allergic or hypersensitivity reaction that can be life‐threatening or fatal.

Anaphylaxis in pregnancy may trigger maternal hypotension leading to maternal haemorrhage, asphyxia and the risk of severe foetal brain damage. All of which are potentially life‐threatening to both mother and foetus.

The usual treatment for acute anaphylaxis during pregnancy is the same non-pregnancy. Adrenaline is the treatment of choice, intravenous fluids, and other medications to maintain blood pressure. Low blood pressure in the mother can lead to low blood flow to vital organs in the foetus, especially the brain.

The best treatment of anaphylaxis during pregnancy is the prevention of anaphylaxis in the first place. Patch testing for products should be avoided during pregnancy to minimise the potential for anaphylaxis as a result.

When pregnant ladies lay on their backs the weight of the uterus can compress a major blood vessel called the vena cava, disrupting blood flow to their baby which can cause nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. When blood flow is reduced to the foetus for more than 5 minutes brain injuries can occur. It can also be extremely uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to lay flat on her back for any length of time and as we know lash treatments are not quick.

Unfortunately, because the industry is unregulated and there are no real laws, rules or guidelines to follow it is down to the decision of the insurance companies that we are insured with. Their stand on this is that, we must use the facts given to us by the medical professionals and come to the best conclusion possible to ensure the safety of our clients and their unborn babies.

Also, every pregnant woman will be experiencing major changes to her body during the pregnancy and for several months after and this can cause a real imbalance of hormones in her body and as such, she may struggle with retention of her eyelash extensions.

Lastly (by no means least) if anything were to happen to the unborn child, then I would not want to be held responsible for that or have any doubt that I may have caused something to happen. Maybe I have become far too cynical towards the ‘compensation culture’ that we now live in, but I will always protect, not only the client, but also my business and reputation – and this is one of the biggest reasons why I enforce this policy in my salon.

Of course, there will be pregnant women that want to feel beautiful and feminine during her pregnancy and there are many techs that lash pregnant ladies’ day in day out and I have no problem with that, but ultimately the decision must be down to me. I hope you can understand and respect my decision.


Standard Manicure – £16.50
To include relaxing nail bath, nail shape, cuticle work, base coat, 2 coats polish, top coat.

Manicure including Hand & Arm Massage – £21.00
To include relaxing nail bath, nail shape, cuticle work, base coat, 2 coats polish, top coat.

The benefits of Massage are increased joint flexibility, circulation and sense of well-being.

File & Polish – £11.00
To include nail shape, base coat, 2 coats polish, top coat

French Polish additional – £2.00

Note: Please remove old polish before appointment as an additional fee of £2.00 may be incurred.

Keeping Beauty Simple - manicures
Keeping Beauty Simple - pedicures


Pedicure – £20.00
To include relaxing foot soak, nail shape, cuticle work, base coat, 2 coats polish, top coat

Pedicure including Foot & Leg Massage – £24.50
To include relaxing foot soak, nail shape, cuticle work, base coat, 2 coats polish, top coat. The benefits of Massage are increased joint flexibility, circulation and sense of well-being.

Pedicure including Callus Peel – £35.00
To include relaxing foot soak, nail shape, cuticle work, base coat, 2 coats polish, top coat.

Hard Skin Removal using painless acid to peel away very dry, cracked heels (For best results 1 – 2 applications required)

Callus Peel – stand alone treatment – £20.00
Hard Skin Removal using painless acid to peel away very dry, cracked heels. For best results 1 – 2 applications required.

File & Polish – £12.00
To include nail shape, base coat, 2 coats polish, top coat

French Polish additional – £ 2.00

Note: Please remove old polish before appointment as an
additional fee of £ 2.00 may be incurred. Please bring a pair of open toed shoes / sandals with you; however, disposable flip-flops are available at a cost of £ 1.00 a pair

Warm Body Waxing

Introducing Australian Bodycare

Australian Bodycare has been serving the beauty industry for over 18 years and has built a trustworthy reputation based on the quality of its products.


Why Choose Australian Bodycare?
In an industry of constant changes and advancing knowledge it is important to me to give my clients the most convenient, effective and safest method of waxing. Australian Bodycare offers all this and much more.

Each dispenser comes individually wrapped, so every client is assured of their own hygienic applicator. The HY-Wax system allows for wax to always be applied thinly, which lessens “pain” and is kinder to the skin. The Wax is kept at a constant working temperature in tubes.

Half Leg – £14.50

Half Leg & Bikini – £22.00

Full Leg – £24.50

Full Leg & Bikini – £31.50

Bikini Line or Underarm – £11.00

Upper Lip or Chin – £7.00

Eyebrow Wax/Tweeze – £7.50

It is always recommended that exfoliation is carried out regularly to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Waxing is not advised it you are planning to go in the sun/sunbed or swimming within 24hrs following Treatment.

Waxing can last around 4 – 6 weeks between Treatments, if carried out regularly.

Keeping Beauty Simple - waxing

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash Tint – £12.00
Please remove eye makeup prior to appointment.

Eyebrow Tint – £ 8.00
Please remove eye makeup prior to appointment.


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint – £18.00

A patch test is required at least 24hrs prior to treatment.

Keeping Beauty Simple - eyebrow tinting

What our clients say

  • I have a classic set of lashes and love them. This time I’ve had them in 24 days so far and had a week away on holiday and still don’t need to wear mascara! Definitely last and worth the money!

    Daisy Blake

  • I  had the Russian lashes done, they were beautiful! Lasted really well, and will be returning to Lesley again! Definitely recommend Lesley, she was lovely and very professional!

    Kara Turnbull

  • Very impressed with all aspects of Lesley’s service. She is happy to be flexible on timings and is patient when I am let down by public transport! She has a very light touch when attaching eyelash extensions – I am constantly falling asleep! The lashes look fabulous every time and seem to hold particularly well. I highly recommend Keeping Beauty Simple!

    Adele Berezai